Eva Kras, a Canadian citizen, is a transcultural management specialist, author, and part-time professor with twenty-five years of experience working and living in Mexico, South America and Europe. Her book, THE BLOCKAGE , was published in Oct. 2007. Her main areas of work involve transcultural management adaptations and sustainable development in organizations.

Ms. Kras speaks several languages and has published several books in the US and Mexico related to her major areas of interest. One of these is the respected book, Management in Two Cultures.

Ms. Kras is past president of the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (Canadian chapter of the International Society for Ecological Economies). Ms. Kras is also president of the International Lerma-Chapala Foundation (an international NGO).

Ms. Kras currently resides in Canada.


My working life has involved different careers, while always in search of “something” (exactly what, I was not sure), which intuitively, I felt was very important and I was undeniably drawn toward.

    My career began - I was a teacher and learned about the incredibly important role that parents have in their children’s education, and also, how deeply affected children are by the wisdom (or lack thereof), passed onto them.

    After teaching for two years, I returned to university (Humanities) ... still searching for that something. Once I completed my studies, I worked in the business world, progressed to a senior executive position in one of Canada's largest companies. I continued to study. While working with managers, I sensed their potential to become “enlightened managers” (as I called them), if and only if the company provided effective principles and coaching.

    My search was still unsuccessful. Finally, one day I decided to leave everything behind. I relocated to Mexico – without being able to speak Spanish. I had no job and no contacts. I was compelled to learn about different ways of thinking (values). I continued to study and work part time, and also spent a few years in Europe and other Latin American countries. I became involved in cross-cultural management research as I witnessed a deep need in the business community. This proved to be a valuable learning experience for me - I did learn other ways of thinking, working, and living. I gradually became “integrated” into Mexico and received the honour of being accepted as “one of them.”

    I began to research and write books that related to transcultural business management, and thus began consultancies, university teaching, and continued to do more research and writing. Finally, my search was satisfied when I met my mentor, Willis Harman; he helped me to connect the missing thread that brought everything together: an interdependent natural integrated world. Gradually, I began to understand about root values and principles that all humans possess – it would seem the roots of what we refer to now as universal values or "genuine sustainability."

    I was thrilled as I saw new hope within the vast capacity of each human being. In hindsight, those 25 years of experience and study while in Latin America have helped me to comprehend the meaning of the genuine roots that join us all – our deep sustainable values and principles. In spite of some very difficult experiences along the way, my need to study and learn more about that "something" has kept me motivated, energized and going. And it still continues...

    I feel privileged to be living and learning in our conflictive world today trying to help in a small way to find sustainable paths is my daily motivation.

Eva Kras


Transcultural and sustainability management specialist, writer and part time professor, 25 years of working experience in Mexico and Latin America.

Main Areas of Interest
1. Transcultural management adaptations
2. Roots of Genuine Sustainability in Organizations.

Recent Activities
… Transcultural Management Consultant (Latin America, mainly Mexico, US, Canada); Sustainability researcher, writer, speaker
…Author: 5 books in the US and Mexico.
…Her most recent book, THE BLOCKAGE, October 2007, relates to rethinking root principles and values for genuine sustainable organizations.
…Past President of the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics
…President of the International Lerma-Chapala Foundation (an international NGO)

…Masters Studies, Business Administration, University of Toronto, Canada.
…Bachelor of Arts studies, University of Manitoba, Canada.
…Bachelor of Business Administration, Southwest University, Phoenix,
Arizona, USA.
... Teacher Certificate, Saskatchewan Teachers College, Canada.


Hudson’s Bay Company, Toronto, Canada
...Senior Executive Human Resources Director, Ontario Region
... First woman in the 300-year-company history to be appointed to this position
... Wrote the Division Human Resources Administration Manual
... Co-authored, with the Divisional Controller The Divisional Selling Systems Manual